kelebihan Indosat M2 (IM2) BroomBastis Unlimited

29 November 2009

gue baru aja beli paket perdana IM2 BroomBastis Unlimited , 3GB dengan bandwith 256kbps, harganya Rp 275000, belinya di Indosat Broadband center, Plasa Semanggi.

Kesannya , WOW!

Sebelumnya gua udah pernah pasang IM2 yang Broom Classic, yang bisa diisi voucher mulai Rp 10.000. Hasilnya mengecewakan banget, lemootttttt….

Gua terpaksa nyoba lagi beli paket IM2, soalnya modem Indosat3G kuatir kaga cocok diisi dengan perdana TelkomFlash sedangkan layanan internet-cable Fastnet belom masuk ke daerah kost gue. 😦

Untungnya koq ada BroomBastis Unlimited ini, biar sedikit mahal tiap bulan harus diisi voucher Rp200.000 , tapi mantap soal koneksinya, stabillll… this is my dream for wireless 3G modem. Thanks Indosat, keep it good!

Semoga besok & lusa, speed bisa tetap terjaga dg koneksi UMTS/HSDPA tetap di puncak.


— English version —

I just bought BroomBastis package IM2 Unlimited, 3GB with 256kbps bandwidth, cost Rp 275,000, bought in Indosat Broadband center, Plasa Semanggi. It is a package of prepaid Internet access of 3G Broadband modem.

It seems, WOW!

Previously I have used IM2 as well, named Broom Classic, which can be top-up with refill voucher from Rp 10,000 until Rp 100,000. But the result was disappointed me really, so slowwwwwwww….

I dare myself to buy IM2 package again, since my Indosat 3G modem cannot be installed with other provider like TelkomFlash and internet-cable service, i.e: Fastnet has not available in my home area. : (

Fortunately there are BroomBastis Unlimited , more expensive because minimum top-up voucher is Rp200.000 active for one month, but i like this package connection speed & reliable, this is my dream for a wireless 3G modem quality.

Thanks Indosat, keep it good!

Hopefully tomorrow & day after tomorrow, can maintain the speed connection of UMTS / HSDPA at the top.


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